NETS: Life Transforming Christian Training


NETS is a Christian Training Programme from Ellel Ministries International where Lives are Changed and Destinies are Discovered.

Do you long to see people healed and set free when you pray for them? Do you desire more confidence in moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are you gripped by Jesus’ Great Commission? This unique programme is for every Christian aged 18 to 80+ who wants to be trained and equipped to follow their destiny in God and truly live the Christian life. On NETS you will receive Life Transforming Training in Healing, Deliverance, Discipleship & Evangelism as you embark on a journey that will change your life and enhance your ministry.

Made up of four 10-week Stages, NETS is based on Luke 9:11 in which Jesus ‘welcomed, taught and healed the people’. We believe that all healing, deliverance and freedom is ours through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and His resurrection. NETS an in-depth international training programme from Ellel Ministries, providing a comprehensive life-discipleship course.

Those who come on NETS testify that life is Never Ever The Same afterwards!

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