Pivotal Prayer - Jill Southern-Jones

Have you ever had prayers that went seemingly unanswered? Do you get disappointed when God does not seem to be doing what you ask? Perhaps you've sometimes wondered whether there really is any point in prayer at all?

In this message, Jill shows us from scripture the power of prayer, and how important prayer is. There are times when God will not move unless His people pray.

This message has the power to supercharge your prayer life!


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Sermon Title: Pivotal Prayer
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Speaker: Jill Southern-Jones
Date: 11 May 2012
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Jill Southern-JonesJill Southern-Jones. Jill is the Director of Ellel Ministries Pierrepont (Surrey, UK) and Director of the NETS Programme. She is known for her strong leadership, passionate bible teaching and her pioneering spirit. She has taught in every continent in the world except Antarctica and is travelling regularly. When she is not travelling abroad, she can be found teaching on the NETS Programme and at various Ellel Ministries events in the UK. Jill also appears regularly on Christian television (watch here) and her devotional messages are enjoyed worldwide through ‘Seeds of the Kingdom’ (read here). Jill is happily married to Colin who is also actively involved in the ministry at Ellel Pierrepont.

Every Friday morning at Pierrepont (Home of NETS) we come together as a community to worship together, take communion and to feed on the word of God. Here you can listen to these Friday Sermons and discover what God is doing among us.

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