NETS: A Bible College That Gives You Much More.

Ellel Pierrepont - Home of NETS

Based at Ellel Pierrepont (a beautiful 35-acre estate near London), NETS is a life transforming bible college that combines studying the scriptures and practically applying them which creates a unique, life transforming experience.


NETS is a bible college with a difference. Our desire is not only to teach you from the bible, but to help you discover the God-given destiny that God has for YOU, as He says in His word.


Our desire is that you would be equipped to not only read your bible and understand it, but to live it. As we study the scriptures, we discover that the Great Commission Jesus Christ gave to His church is going to require action on our part. However, the problem is that we often don't know how. We need to know how to preach the gospel, how to make disciples, how to heal the sick and how to be a living, breathing example of Jesus to a broken, hurting and confused world. Our commitment to practical training as well as bible study is what makes NETS unique.


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Are you ready for an adventure?!

At NETS we believe that the bible is not just for study or disection - it is alive and it's for living! When we read the Word of God, truly understand it and put our faith in it, it changes us.


Therefore, doing NETS means joining a group of people from all over the world with one key characteristic that unites them: A passionate hunger to see the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ at work in their lives and in the lives of those around them. Together, you will begin a journey that will change your life...

What makes NETS different?

Unlike any other bible college, NETS offers a wealth of practical training as well as biblical study. On NETS you will be taught using a variety of different methods (not just lectures!) such as:

- Workshops
- Conferences
- Tutorial groups
- Demonstration Ministry
- Group Activities
- Dramas & Visual Aids
- 1 on 1 Mentoring

You will also have the unusual privilege of getting alongside experienced members of our Ministry Team and learn 'hands-on' how to minister the transforming power of God into people's lives.

Perhaps you are beginning to see why NETS is not just your average bible college. Watch this video to get a glimpse for yourself...

Our desire is to build a strong foundation of biblical truth into your life that will keep bearing fruit and enable you to walk with your head held high, knowing who you are in God and with confidence that He is with you, He is guiding you and that He has an incredible adventure for you to live every day in obedience to Him.

When you look at some of the topics taught on NETS, you will see how practical the teaching is, and how it will equip you in so many areas of life:


- Understanding the Bible 
- Power in the Name and Blood of Jesus 
- Father Heart of God 
- The Truth about Lies 
- Healing the Human Spirit 
- Bitter Root Judgments 
- Godly Boundaries 
- The process of deliverance 
- Keys to specific deliverance issues 
- Humanism and Post-Modernism 
- Intercession and Spiritual Warfare 
- Challenge to Fulfil your Destiny

- Foundations of Faith 
- Healing Through Forgiveness 
- Generational Iniquity 
- Belief Systems and Mindsets 
- Restoring the Human Spirit 
- Right Relationships 
- The Truth about Godly Sex and Sexuality 
- Foundations of Acceptance and Belonging 
- Introduction to Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness 
- Understanding deliverance and the spiritual realms 
- Freedom from cults and false religion 
- Moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit 
- Introduction to Care, Counselling, and - Discernment and Deception 
- Ministering to Children


Where is NETS?!

NETS is based in the UK, at a beautiful 35-acre estate in the heart of the Surrey countryside (not far from London).

NETS is made up of four 10-week stages, it lasts one year in total but can be done a stage at a time if you are unable to do them all at once. Ria (below) is somebody who completed all four stages...


"Stages 1 and 2 transformed who I was and my identity was restored. But Stages 3 and 4 brought about a fullness of the work the Lord did in the first two stages that I don’t believe would have happened if I had left after Stage 2. I learned valuable leadership skills and the support and encouragement to step out into my call has been an invaluable gift. I can sum up my experience of NETS in one simple line...

NETS was nothing I expected but everything I had hoped for"

- Ria Wiersma

Ria's life was quite average until the Lord led her to NETS, but she knew God had more for her. Now she is living a life that she perhaps previously thought was impossible! That's the transforming power of the word of God in our lives and fruit of taking time out and allowing God to take us on a journey such as NETS.

We know you'd be excited if you heard more about the vision God gave us for NETS, which we explain as part of our taster package so sign up if you haven't already - it's free!


Find out what we're talking about now - sign up for our free taster package:

We hope you will seriously consider allowing God to transform your life and prepare you for an incredible life of ministry through NETS. We know you'll enjoy the taster package!